looking for recurring non-dues revenue?

enhance, highlight and promote your chamber’s value.

Start by rethinking your Chamber of Commerce value proposition.

What’s included in the non-dues revenue benefits offerings?

  • Affordable legal & identity theft coverage
  • Mental Health Coverage
  • Telehealth Coverage
  • Personal record protection & crisis prevention

Over the last 20 years…

Ron Chambers Group has served the Chamber of Commerce perspective by focusing on what matters most- local businesses.

Benefits that meet all needs

We’ve laced together…Value-added supplemental benefits programs to create a suite of products and services designed to enhance your Chamber of Commerce’s impact for your members

With a suite of products & services that meet the benefit needs of all businesses- from companies with employees to solopreneurs, Chambers4Chambers is your answer to your members’ benefits question and your chamber’s revenue need.

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Telemedicine & Mental Health


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Extra Resources

Take a look at all the affordable ways we can enhance your benefits offerings and bring resources 
to your small business.