H7 Networking

H7 Membership

An H7 Membership is word-of-mouth marketing that helps you grow your business! Our proven business growth H7 TRACS System, coupled with our app, networking meetings In-Person & Virtual, is designed to help business professionals work together to create new leads, referrals, and overall business growth.

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How We Help

Business Growth

Our H7 TRACS System helps you navigate our In-Person & Virtual meetings with a proven process designed to help busy business professionals work together to create new leads, new referrals, and overall business growth for themselves.

Profitable Relationships

Establish profitable relationships by sharing with others. Meet people that are in the room for the same reasons… building business. We are here to help grow each other’s business through connecting, serving, and asking for what you need.

Practical Techniques

Build your skills and confidence through exclusive access to certified coaches, experienced business professionals, and our proprietary video training library to help you. You will have the power of a vast support team to help you take your business to the next level.

Our vision

Globally revolutionize the way business professionals Connect first, Serve with purpose, and Ask of their peers. Provide unmatched training for relationship building with a highly integrated infrastructure that accelerates word of mouth marketing. Empower members with infinite connections & opportunities using state of the art client resource management technology.

A Nationwide Network

Providing our members an infrastructure for building and maintaining profitable relationships is what we’re all about. Your H7 Membership is designed to help you develop profitable relationships forever through our core philosophy – Connect, Serve, and Ask.