Life happens.

While we cannot control the inevitable, we can control the legacy we leave behind. LifeExec provides a secure life management web application designed for storing your important information along with tailor-made plans to keep your closest contacts informed during any life event.

What Does LifeExec Do?

Build A Plan

Communicate specific actions for your contacts to take during a life event.

Launch Plan

Launch plans or allow members of your inner circle to trigger them for you.

Notify Contacts

Trusted contacts are provided access to your critical life information as needed.

Security Guaranteed

With the highest level of encryption and patent-pending storage security, your data is safe. 

Protect What Matters

With LifeExec®, we believe in taking the legwork and the guesswork out of life’s most difficult situations. With complete life planning, you’re provided easy to follow, 20-minute exercises each month to help you prepare for every event.

Patent-pending data storage technology allows you to enter key elements from your most important documents, reducing risk and time spent scanning and uploading lengthy files.

Snap and store photos of your household items for insurance purposes or assign value to your treasured belongings for your family to identify in the event of your passing.