Why Blueprint for Life?

Our 20+ course education program will prepare you for major and minor life events. From Medical Emergency Planning to Cyber Security Protection to How to Recover from a Lost Wallet, we created a program where we bring in experts to assist you in building your family’s preparedness plan. Led by LifeExec’s Team, you’ll have access to on-demand video classes to attend at your own pace with detailed instructions, checklists and forms that provide you with everything you need to create your custom Blueprint for Life today.

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Comprehensive Courses to keep you prepared

Medical Care & Pandemic Plan

Lost Phone & Wallet Recovery

Home Responsibilities

Work & Business Continuance

Additional courses include: retirement, disaster & evacuation planning, legacy plan, single parent, dependent care, moving/home purchase, travel terminal illness, divorce, outdoor adventures, newly married, vacation rental, having a baby, empty nester, and new pet/pet protection.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build plans that can be communicated to your family during emergencies, disasters, or on a set date and time.
  • How to use LifeExec to digitally store your most important documents, assets, and passwords in a secure software.
  • How to organize, establish reminders, and create simple communications for the entire household.
  • What important documents you need in case of an accident or emergency and how to use them.