Do You Have What You Need To Winterize Your Car?

Did you know that only 8% of Americans have a winter emergency kit in their car? Winter driving conditions can be some of the most hazardous situations to be stuck in without preparation. You should always make sure you have prepared for the possibility of being stranded. Having a well thought out emergency kit available in your vehicle during every season can help mitigate the situation and keep you and your family safe.

Why Winterizing Matters 

Statistically, 70% of the roadways in the United States see snow. These snowy roadways can create the potential for an accident, especially in extreme weather or unfamiliar territory. When roads were created, they were created based on the ease of commute. I highly doubt that driving on them in the snow was considered a factor. 

Cold temperatures, especially if your car won’t start, can create hazardous (even deadly) situations. Approximately 17% of the car accidents that occur on the road today occur during snowy weather. Having an accessible winter emergency kit in your car could be the difference between a bad situation and a deadly one. 

How To Winterize Your Car 

With almost half a million car accidents occurring each year due to winter storms, wet road conditions, and overall bad weather, being prepared for any situation offers more security for yourself and your passengers. One form of prevention can be winterizing your car to thwart off the potential of a winter accident. According to the FHWA, approximately 156,164 accidents will result from icy road conditions. 

At the end of the Fall season, many people across the country begin to winterize their homes. This task often involves coving outside spigots, cleaning out gutters, and checking for gaps in windows and door frames. One habit you may consider getting into during this time is including your car on your winterization list. How do you winterize a car? 

Car Winterization Process 

Here is what you can do to prepare your car for the cold, snowy conditions that lay in wait: 

  • Not all tires are created equal. Some tires are made for warmer seasons. Others were made to grip the snow and ice, helping drivers to avoid uncertainty when driving in this weather. Tires can be taken on and off rims easier than you might realize. For winterization purposes, some car owners have a set they use in the winter and others for the summer. The process of swapping out the tires is an affordable solution to letting your tires live their best life – allowing them to travel the roads in the conditions they were made for. 
  • Use windshield washer fluid that doubles as a de-icer 
  • Always keep the gas tank at least half-full 
  • Constantly check and maintain the proper tire pressure 
  • Before going into the winter months, have your vehicle serviced by a professional. You may want to consider a maintenance schedule for every six months. That way, you are covered going into Winter and Summer with the right tools for the season. 
  • Pack your own winter safety kit and keep it readily available in your car. You can make your kit your own, but these often include: 
    • Flashlight and batteries
    • Matches 
    • Ice scraper 
    • Flares 
    • First-aid kit 
    • Non-perishable food items 
    • Jumper cables 
    • Extra warm clothing 
    • Blankets 
    • General car toolkit 
    • Antifreeze 
    • Phone charger 
    • Tow ropes 

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